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Is your offer to critique my First 10 Page Critique real?
Yes! I personally will critique/analyze the first 10 pages of your script for free - no strings or harasement.

Why will 'The Script Savant' critique my first 10 pages of my script for free?
To show the value of what a complete critique service will he to advance your script to the next level. And I'm confident you will find our complete critique service valuable.

Will 'The Script Savant' try to get me to request a full script critique?
No! If you don't find value in our free first 10 page critique then you will probably not find our complete script critique valuable.

What does 'The Script Savant' offer other's don't?
  • Free First 10 Page critique of any of your scripts.
  • The deepest professional critique and analysis of your complete script
  • With our book 'It's All About Story: The Art of the Screenplay' we offer a comprehensive course on screen writing.
  • In our future book 'Human Deep Learning: Beyond The Edge Of Knowledge' you will discover how to maximize your creative powers.
  • We offer the largest number of free movie and tv scripts you can download and read on the internet.
  • A regular newsletter that explores important subjects in screen writing.