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Why Script Critique & Analysis Is Useful

99.9% of all screenplays which are submitted to Production Companies / Producers / Actors / Agents / etc. are so poorly written that within a dozen pages, the reader will be compelled to send them directly to the trash.

Why? Poor formatting, typos, clunky dialogue, bland characters, confusing story logic, slow story development, and just plain boring – that is the norm. And if your script falls into the 99.9%, you will have alienated your potential client from ever looking at any of your works again.

There is no need for an experienced reader to slog through a hundred pages of amateur writing to reject a script.

Sending in your script without it first being critiqued & analyzed by a professional is probably a waste of you and your potential client's time.

The question then is how you know who to send your script to. Above I have a link to an actual critique and analysis of a script which I analyzed and what you can expect from my services. Also, is the rewritten script taking into account my recommendations and corrections?



Sample 10 Page Critique & Analysis:
In America's deepest coal mine, EPA inspectors, intent on shutting down the coal industry, face death as nature and a malevolent being slaughter using mankind's deepest fears.
TAR_Critique      TAR_Analysis
(Download File To View PDF Notes)
You can decide if my comments were useful and if your script wouldn't benefit from a complete examination.

At a minimum, you will have confirmation of the quality of your opening pages or a cautionary warning that you may need to reexamine your script before sending it out to the world.

Our 10 page free critique will focus on these areas:
  • correct formatting
  • spelling & puncuation
  • original action & dialogue
  • type of action/description - written is 'Present Tense' & Active Voice or Past Tense & Passive Voice
  • introduction of characters
  • clarify the story world - location & time the story takes place
  • imagitive word use
  • setting of tone
  • connection with the genre
  • introduction of protagonist/antagonist
  • introduction of conflict
  • use of 'white space'
  • promise of a emotionally rewarding story
  • can the read follow the story
  • any lazy dialogue - small talk/on-the-nose/boring
  • avoiding repetition of words
  • use of subtext
  • use of humor
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What couldn't be done in 10 pages is to suggest:
  • logline
  • title
  • emotional impact of sections of the story
  • emotional impact of entire story
Attach first 10 pages of your script in the email link below and send it:

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(your analysis from critique@thescriptsavant.com within 72 hours)