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Comprehensive Script Analysis

Comprehensive Analysis will reveal several possible creative options and threads that may be added to enhance the story marketability. Along with suggestions that will get the script professionally ready to submit to friends/agents/contests/producers/investors. The analysis will reveal what is and isn't working with the characters and the story. I will correct anything in the script that is not up to current script-writing industry standards. It also will provide a great deal of creative knowledge specifically applied to your story that can’t be found in books and seminars.

For $250, this service includes the following:
OVERVIEWA summary of impressions of the strong and weak points of the writer and of the script along with the merits of the script in general.

GENREDetermine the movie's category type(s)and explain why it fits into this category. I also state any mix of genres that may apply.

THEMESExpound on the abstract ideas and values that permeate the story and expose the big concept and/or universal THEME threaded throughout the story.

STORYDiscuss the cohesiveness of the plot: what is there, what is missing, and how to make the script powerful.

STRUCTUREDetailed analysis on the inner workings of the story, its pacing, relationship of the subplots to the main plot, and the proper order of structural steps that the protagonist should be taking in their transformation while advancing the conflict toward the plot’s resolution.

CHARACTERSObservations on how well-defined the characters are regarding needs, wants, motivations, character traits, and flaws. Do they act and speak in keeping with their intentions, drives, and motivations? Are they sufficiently different (unique) from each other that one would know which one is talking without a character label? Are they believable?

RELATIONSHIPSHow well do the relationships portrayed in the story work? Is there sufficient conflict in each one to create and maintain your story argument while sustaining a forward thrust to the story? Also, I take a look to see if there is sufficient Protagonist/Antagonist bonding through conflict that leads naturally to climax. Is there sufficient internal conflict created within the main character from the tug-of-war battle between Conscience Character and Tempter Character?

DIALOGUEExamine the voices of the characters with the idea of making each unique to their gender, age, and relationship in the story. And I talk about why voice is important.

WRITING STYLECorrect and point out, poor grammar, punctuation, spelling, passive verbs, non-dramatic description, telling without showing, etc. and how to correct these fundamental errors and how to evoke emotion and passion without distraction. The writing requires a certain kind of immediacy in its expression. The writing should be crisp, efficient and evocative to capture the readers attention. led out and suggestions on how to edit your script.

FORMATIs the screenplay formatted according to current industry standards? I’ll mark and correct improper or antiquated formatting.

COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONSWrite the exact thoughts, ideas, responses, reactions, suggestions, criticisms (things that work; things that don’t work) that come to me while reading your script 2 times. Comments/Suggestions are my unadulterated thoughts and impressions at the point where I have the thought. It is valuable for you to know what thoughts come to a reader as he reads… let you know what he likes, what he doesn’t understand, and what takes him out of the story. Many of these comments will be used to spark your own imagination.

CRITIQUEDetailed line by line suggestions and corrections to your script.

Included with the written Comprehensive Analysis is a free 30 minutes phone discussion with me to ask any questions you may have regarding the analysis. $50 an hour for every additional 30 minutes.

Complete Screenplay Critique

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