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Below are samples of my original story concepts. I've developed over a hundred original story ideas and
helped others develop their own original stories, in every genre, from romantic comedy to gruesome horror.

Original Story Concepts
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  A Handful of Stardust (SciFi)

Fear (SciFi)

Extinction (SciFi)

Premonition/Dreams of Camelot (SciFi/Horror/Thriller)

Tar (SciFi/Horror/Suspense)

The God Particle (SciFi/Horror)

Ebola (SciFi/Thriller)

Playing Games (Romantic Comedy)

Between The Lines (Romantic Comedy)

PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals (Comedy/Horror)

Off Road (Action/Thriller)

The Awards (Action/Thriller)

The Prophet (Action/Thriller/Suspense)

Holliday's Xmas (Action/Thriller/Western)

Caged (Action/Suspense)

Final Call (Action/Suspense/Drama)

Lord Owens Lady (Action/Suspense/Romance)

Sauteur (Suspense/Drama)

Four Dead In Five Seconds (Western)


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