Dallas H. Jones

Dallas H Jones – Author, Screenwriter
Five Movies in development and writer of the
remake of Stephen King’s iconic CUJO for the
original producer Sunn Classic Pictures

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The biggest challenge to every screenwriter is…finishing a script, making it powerful, and connecting with the right producer
That is why we have joined forces with Dallas Jones, to examine what it takes to get your script read by those who can make it happen.

Join us for this 45 minute, free live workshop, where we’ll cover….

  • Free access to over 5000 movie & tv screenplays
  • Hundreds of examples of what works and what doesn’t work
  • Free eBook “It’s All About Story!”. Over 500 pages plus links to over
    500,000 pages of critical screenwriting information on the Internet.
  • How to get the first ten pages of any of your screenplays critiqued for free
  • What agents and producers are specifically looking for
  • How to connect with agents and producers
  • How to create a title that captures the imagination
  • The importance of the first 10 pages
  • Exercises to reveal your talents
  • Tools to make your screenplay stand out
  • How to get your ENTIRE script critiqued for free when signing up for the full course.