Other Script Services

Scriptwriting Page One Write or Rewrite

  •     a complete development or revision of your original idea, story, biography, or novel.
  •     I create a step outline for your approval
  •     Write the first draft
  •     Receive your feedback notes
  •     Write a polish based upon your notes



Scriptwriting Polish

  •     includes detailed editing without any changes to your story
  •     cleaning up the writing style
  •     enhancing word choice in description
  •     cutting unnecessary description and dialogue
  •     improving the dialogue
  •     creating a scintillating and exciting read



Story Treatment Writing/Revision

  •     Many confuse the difference between a treatment and a synopsis. A treatment can be two different things.
  •     First, a sales tool when there is no complete script and you want to raise the money to write the script. You show the treatment around to people who may be interested in the story.
  •     Second, as a writing tool, a treatment is the step between the idea and the step outline so you can know the beginning, middle, and end of your story before you invest your time in further development.
  •     A producer who has optioned or purchased your completed spec script can request a treatment if you go into a development process with him.. A treatment can be anywhere between 3 to 50 pages depending upon the amount of detail you include.



Script Synopsis Writing/Revision

A synopsis is a tool for selling your completed script. Whereas a treatment is the complete story showing your well-wrought surprise ending, a synopsis can tease while it gives a brief sketch of your story, characters, and tone. It is usually only 1 or 2 pages in length.



Prices For Writing Services

    Page one write or rewrite to be negotiated starting at: $15,000

    Polish: $5000



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