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Subsequent Script Analysis

Subsequent Analyses on the same script will be everything that was covered in the Comprehensive Script Analysis and is available to writers who have received the Comprehensive Analysis on their script.

Included with the written Comprehensive Analysis is a free 30 minutes phone discussion with me to ask any questions you may have regarding the analysis. $50 an hour for every additional 30 minutes.

Your script needs to be in New Courier 12-point type with margins of one inch at top (page # as a header), bottom, and right side at one inch, and left side at 1.5 inches. Do not cheat the script with the software. That means there are 57 lines per page. Plus, all description paragraphs need to be no more than 4 lines, and preferably less.

EMail The Script to in Word, RTF, Final Draft, or PDF format.


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